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Small improvements can really pay off.

Are you undecided between improving your home's style, versus making upgrades you know will increase your home's resale value? You might be surprised to hear that doing a little bit of both will actually pay off.

Start by making two lists — upgrades for your home value and upgrades just for you. Upgrades for your home could consist of replacing old faucets, permanent lighting and doors. Upgrades for you are furniture, artwork and window treatments. Don’t take the approach of picking projects and wondering if what you are doing is really making a difference. If you do a little of each, you will see real progress.

If you have spent a bundle on making an upgrade you can make small changes for the next couple of months. Upgrade a couple of electric plugs or buy a small lamp. Stick to one upgrade per month and you will be happy with what you see.

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Some of the Many Services We Provide

Back Splash Base Boards Caulking/Windows/Bath
Crown Molding Childproofing Closet Shelves
Curtain Rod Install Dead Bolts Door Repair
Drywall Patch Garage Shelving Gutter Repair
Replace Garbage Disposal Garage Floor Coating Floor Repairs
Mailbox Repair Pressure Wash Screen Repair
Wall Mount TV Window Repairs Shutter repair